Emilian Solario


Name: Emilian Solario
Race: Elf
Class: Binder (Warlock)
Theme: Wilder

Emilian is approximately 7’2" with Black hair and Dark Brown Eyes. He is thin for his height as most Athasian Elves are (approximately 180lb). He has light brown skin.


Emilian and his Sister Ezra grew up in a wandering band of Elvish Gypsies. Early during their childhood the band was attacked and wiped by a tribe of Thri-keen (who as we all know find elves delicious). Only a few members survived the assault. Emilian and Ezra left without any other family headed towards the city.

For the first few years that they lived in the city, they survived on whatever they could beg borrow or steal. Eventually Emilian and Ezra grew tired of living like beggars and began to con people. They traveled form town to town selling “miracle” cures, challenging people to rigged game of chance, and anything else Emilian could think of to con people out of their worldly goods. Emilian was always looking looking for the next big score. He would often get himself in way over his head and his Sister would have to pull him out of the fire.

During this time Emilian began to manifest psionic powers. More so than the average Athasian’s ability to conjure minor cantrips, Emilian showed true promise in the “way”. Emilian approached a tutor to learn to control his power, however he was unwilling to put in the years of training required to achieve true power and began searching for others quicker means of developing his power.

His research led him to a cult that claimed with a simple pact Emilian could gain power instantly. So once again he dragged Ezra along on his wild scheme. The pair stayed with the cult for a year where Emilian prepared to forge a pact with a creature of shadow and Ezra further enhanced her already formidable martial skills.

Emilian however had no intention of serving any being. So he formulated a plan to enslave the creatures from the gray rather than form a pact with them. When the day came Emilian used his quick wit and silver tongue to trick the creature in a one sided deal. As the ritual neared completion to facility was raided by templars.

Emilian managed to save his sister and himself from execution by convincing the Templars that they were taken captive by the cult as sacrifices.So instead of executing the siblings the Templars sold them into slavery.

Emilians schemes had got them into trouble before, but this time even Ezra might not be able to get them out of it…

Emilian Solario

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