Anezka is from the Kel-mik (which means Hunters) halfling tribe, which is located by the city state of Draj. The tribe lives close enough to be able to prey on travelers, run away slaves, and under protected caravans, but far enough away that they can flee into the wastes if the guard attack. Like those in Draj, the Kel-mik use blood magic and blood sacrifice to bind spirits to their will. The tribe is known for its magical skills as well as their blood-lust.

Anezka is 3ft, about 80lb, has very tanned skin from her time in the desert, has ritual scaring and bone piercings all over her body, and she has sharpened her teeth into makeshift weapons (they are also handy for cutting meat).

Anezka is a young halfling and was training to be a priest of their tribe. She has been on many raiding parties and has tasted the flesh of almost every sentient race in Tyr Region. During one of her tribes raiding parties, they attack an elven slave caravan. The caravan was better prepared then their scouts saw and the attack was a disaster. When the raiding parties leader called for the retreat into the wastes, Anezka was to overcome with blood lust to heed it. After several minutes, a several kills, Anezka was taken down. To recoup profits from the raid, the slavers decided to sell her instead of killing her.

She has traveled through several city states now, waiting for a chance of freedom or someone willing to purchase her (she has a tendency to bite her handlers… which decreases her price in that city). Since she is a very hard sell, the slavers have been debating just killing her instead of selling her. Though some luck, and a very witty tongue, the elf’s managed to sell her to a mine.

Now she is off to be tested… and if she’ll survive is a different story.


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