Rules In Effect (House or Otherwise)

Dark Sun Specific

  • Fixed Enhancement Bonus: Your character gains flat enhancement bonuses to attack rolls, damage rolls and defences to account for a magical equipment shortage. See DSCS pg 209.
  • Reckless Breakage: When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, your weapon has a chance to break. You can accept the result, automatically missing the attack as usual, but keeping your weapon intact. Alternatively, you can reroll. Regardless of the reroll result, a nonmetal weapon breaks once the attack is complete. A metal weapon breaks only if you roll a natural 5 or lower on the reroll. This rule gives you a say in whether a weapon breaks. You can play it safe and accept the errant attack, or you can attempt to avoid a miss by risking your weapon.
  • Ritual Slots: Explained here.
  • Aspects & Fate Points: Explained here.
  • Multiclass Themes: Explained here.

Daniel Hey I just wanted to chime in on the reckless breakage rule. I think non metal weapons should always break on a 1. I honestly can’t ever see myself taking the reroll unless we are incredibly desperate. I would be willing to bet that weapons almost never break with this rule.

I know they are trying to be nice, but in a place where they put so much emphasis on survival, weapons should break a lot.

Jason We used this rule at Encounters and it worked out pretty well. As long as it wasn’t for an at-will, i’d always re-roll (as long as they have a weapon or I have an extra anyways). Though, I can’t disagree with them always breaking when you roll a one. Most of use are experienced gamers; it would add another level of pain-in-the-ass, it making it that much harder. And, honestly, darksun should be as hard as you can make it… After all, its darksun…

Jesse Any mundane, non-metallic weapon should break on a 1. A metallic or magic weapon will work flawlessly, and probably be looted off your corpse when you die.

Jason Probably? pfft, i’ll loot their metal weapon and their arms (trail rations).

Rules In Effect (House or Otherwise)

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